"it's a process more than a blueprint"- Paul D. Wolfowitz Deputy Secretary of Defense

Paul D. Wolfowitz Deputy Secretary of Defense Sen. Carl Levin
D-Michigan Armed Services Committee Ranking Member

Paul Wolfowitz testifies on NATO & Iraq before a House Appropriations Subcommittee

4/10/2003: WASHINGTON, DC

April 10, 2003 10:15 AM Testimony on the military implications of NATO enlargement and on post-conflict Iraq

Paul Wolfowitz talked about the U.S. selecting the Iraqis the U.S. thinks have the "credentials" for running Iraq. The media plays along with the BS that there will be real democracy in Iraq. http://armed-services.senate.gov/testimony.cfm?wit_id=377&id=702

I saw it on C-SPAN. Here is a link Wolfowitz's prepared Statement http://armed-services.senate.gov/testimony.cfm?wit_id=377&id=702

Below is a partial transcript of Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul D. Wolfowitz's testimony as he answers Sen. Carl Levin's questions

Sen. Carl Levin: ... might be used as a model for the Iraqi interim administration? [asking Wolfowitz if Afghanistan would be a model for Iraq]

Paul Wolfowitz: ...What we're hoping to start with this meeting that's scheduled to take place next week is to have a kind of rolling dialog where Iraqis that we can identify as notables or potential leaders or with distinguished credentials of one sort or another can come together and begin to debate the issues and meet to begin to define what the issues are and not to do it in a single meeting...


Sen. Carl Levin: Who will be organizing the meetings?

Paul Wolfowitz: General Franks is gonna be the host of the meetings ...we're basing it on the various ways in which we have had of identifying people as potential leaders, that includes people we've dealt with for many years. ...

Sen. Carl Levin: If you would supply to the committee the procedures, the description of who is invited to these meetings.

Paul Wolfowitz: I would emphasize, it's a process more than a blueprint.