War Crimes & Imperial Fantasies

War Crimes & Imperial Fantasies

Rogue States

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Colin Powell's
Big War Lie

Colin Powell has been lying when he claims that the members of the security council intended UN Resolution 1441 to be a call for war.

The first draft of 1441 authorized member states to use "ALL NECESSARY MEANS" to restore international peace and security in the area. But not all members wanted an automatic war resolution.

"Objections from France, and Russia saw the final resolution remove any reference to "all necessary means" replacing it with a much softer line that Iraq will "face serious consequences" after the Security Council has met to "consider the situation"."1 It was clear to those writting the Resolution that it does not authorize war.

Powell knew this too:

At the time when Resolution 1441 was being written,
Colin Powell explained the process:
"I can assure you if he doesn't comply this time, we are going to ask the U.N. to give authorization for all necessary means"

The media knows that the language was chosen to make it clear that war was not being authorized. When the Resolution that authorized the Gulf War was written it said "all necessary means"which meant war. As 1441 was being written, the words "all necessary means" were taken out and "face serious consequences" was put in.

Yet the media lets Powell get away with lying:

But now that the Bush administration wants war, Colin Powell Lies, "Either the international community's will has meaning or does not have meaning, and in 1441 a clear standard was laid down and it said Iraq is in violation, it is guilty and has been guilty for 12 years, it must come into compliance, if it does not come into compliance serious consequences must flow.
Everybody knew what that meant - it meant military action would be required, and leader after leader has stood up to stand behind the meaning of that resolution to include President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. "

Colin Powell knows damn well that everybody knew it DIDN'T mean military action. That is why the wording was changed, to make it clear it didn't mean that. And at the time the Resolution was being written, Powell was admitting it too since he said that the US would go back to the UN to ask for authorization.

Now Colin Powell serves the illegal war agenda and LIES by claiming that "face serious consequences" means war and he ignores the INTENTIONALLY dropped wording "ALL NECESSARY MEANS", which could have been interpreted as an authorization of war. Now he lies and he counts on the media pretending they don't remember what he said when 1441 was being written.


Donald Rumsfeld decieves the public. Rumsfeld told CNBC last November's resolution on Iraq clearly anticipated military action upon continued defiance by Iraq. "Pretty clear language, and they all knew what they were voting for. These are people who can read," Rumsfeld said. Rumsfeld is being deceptive and the media plays along. Condoleezza Rice plays the game too, "The next material breach by Saddam Hussein has got to have serious consequences. I think it's pretty clear what that may mean."


source: Is war legal?
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