Case Studies In Hypocrisy:
US Human Rights Policy

This is a 2 CD set. Listen to it if you want to understand what the U.S. war on Iraq is about.

"Case Studies In Hypocrisy: US Human Rights Policy" is an extensive exercise in wit and wisdom. Noam Chomsky informs the listener of the paradox between America's official foreign policy and the bloody reality of its practice. As part of Chomsky's analysis of U.S. foreign relations and human rights policies, he takes the listener through specific incidents in such countries as China, Palestine and Iraq. This is a great audio lecture for Chomsky fans and anyone concerned with the plight of their fellow human beings overseas. Public opinion is based onwhat the media feeds them and by what it withholds from them. Listen to what they don't want you to hear.

An increadible 2 CD set by Noam Chomsky. This is something you must hear if you want to understand what the agression agaisnt Iraq is about (also includes discusion of economic system and human rights) It includes a comprehensive analysis of the economic sanctions against Iraq and explains why the U.S. wants to control Iraq. Chomsky takes the major points of State Department rhetoric and systematically and brilliantly, destroys them all. He explains why excuses such as, "Saddam is a threat to his neighbors", "he's building chemical and biological weapons", "he oppresses the Kurdish and Shiite populations of Iraq", etc., are hardly sufficient to explain the sanctions, the inspections teams, and the relentless bombings and the planned war.