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The "No Fly Zones"
and Journalistic Malpractice

The mainstream media has done a poor job reporting the basic facts about US actions toward Iraq.

The mainstream media has once again sold the US government's version of events to the American people. The bottom line is the "no fly zones" are not set up by the UN, they were not sanctioned by the UN and they are not legal. Mainstream media has not made this clear to the public and has in fact misrepresented the "no fly zones" as UN sanctioned which is the lie US government officials have been pushing. Most often this misrepresentation was done by lies of omission and by reporting on the "no fly zones" as if they were perfectly legal when in fact they were not.

"No Fly Zones"
were not
UN sanctioned.

When you hear news of a "no fly zone" do you know the context? We hear this "no fly zone" in the media and the Whitehouse complains that Iraq is in violation of UN Resolutions and complains about Iraq shooting at planes in the no fly zone. Look how this gets reported: "Rumsfeld says Iraq's defiance of the international community is symbolized by its forces continuing to fire on U.S. and British aircraft patrolling the no-fly zones in the north and the south of the country. The Pentagon says Iraqi forces have fired on coalition aircraft in the no-fly zones 67 times since Baghdad promised two weeks ago to allow United Nations weapons inspectors back into the country. Rumsfeld says that is clear evidence of Iraq's contempt for U.N. resolutions. "With each missile launched at our aircrews, Iraq expresses its contempt for the U.N. resolutions, a fact that must be kept in mind as their latest inspection offers are evaluated," he said."

NOTE: The important fact that they leave out of the article is that the UN did not set up the "no fly zones" and the UN resolutions do not authorize the "no fly zones." Read the UN Resolutions yourself and you will see that none of them set up "no fly zones" nor do they authorize The way the "no fly zones" have been presented to the public has not been honest. The media mainly serves state power rather than serving as a check and balance on it. The media conformed with the US government lies about the "no fly zones."

The no fly zones were not set up or sanctioned by the UN: Search for the info using google.

"Despite their mild protestations to the contrary, U.S. officials know that the no-fly zones have been illegal from the get-go". -fft.org

"However, unlike the military campaign to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait, the no-fly zones were not authorized by the UN and they are not specifically sanctioned by any Security Council resolution." - BBC

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